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Microservice quick-start for startups

Focus on your key competencies while we help you build an IT infrastructure for your future.


Service Description

Using software as a service (SaaS) has become easy for all companies and a common practice. We help you to establish a modern approach with container-based and re-usable services. It is important to build an infrastructure that fits the needs of your company. With our broad knowledge of services we help you taking the right decisions to set the course for your future growth.


Scope Of Work

  • Interview with founder(s)
  • Analysing current requirements and future needs based on company’s business plan
  • Introduction to micro-service architecture


Our Offering

  • Defined deliverables
  • Competitive fix price
  • Fast result
  • No annual fee for Arbalo platform for 2020 if services used until 30.6.2020.



  • Written report of findings (Management summary, key points, suggestions, …)
  • Implementation proposal



  • Business idea available and shareable
  • Business plan available and shareable


Target Audience

  • Founders
  • CEOs of startup companies



  • Interviews / workshop of half a day
  • Report delivered within one week thereafter
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